Dell 1409X

In the United States we have the privilege of paying taxes on our income to help fund the programs of the State and Federal government.  Every year there is a "True up" called a tax "Filing" to ensure that you are paying what you are suppose to be paying into the tax coffers.  If you happen to have overpaid then you will receive a refund of those tax overpayments.  I traditionally try to just barely overpay my taxes.  Not too much mind you, just enough so that when tax time comes around I don't actually owe any more than I have already paid.  This year I had some stock losses that engendered an overpayment of my taxes and a received a refund a little larger than usual.  I have been watching a 32 inch standard definition TV for a long time now. proj_1409X_overview1 I have toyed back and forth with the idea of buying a really nice LCD HDTV or possibly going with a DLP projector for more of the "Theater" experience.   Sony has this great 70" Bravia on sale for $19,999.  For starters it's a lot out of my price range.  Second I would really like something a little larger.  (I know that sounds ridiculous.) Stay with me here.  I am going for a movie screen experience.  I headed on over to do some comparisons on projectors and was surprised to find this little baby from Dell.  I realize I could spend much more and get state of the art.  However, I am not after the state of the art.  I am after a great viewing experience at a reasonable price. I spent the $750.  Ouch that still hurts to say. The projector is on its way.  My wife and kids have already discussed how cool it will be to play XBOX360, and Wii games on a huge screen.  I cannot wait for Friday night movie night.  Think "Iron Man" or "Transformers" on a true 6 by 9 screen.  6 feet by 9 feet that is.  I really think it should be fun.  I will keep you updated on the projector and of course on the setup we use to feed all of our content to the projector.  Something tells me I will need to rethink media delivery options at home.  Hmmm...  I am thinking an NCAA final 4 party at my house where the video feed is from using their High Quality Silverlight player delivering content to my new projector would be worth attempting. 

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  1. Keith Combs says:

    you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you waited this long.

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