Biking 101

I have some really good friends who love to ride bikes. John Weston who you all know as one of my team mates is serious into riding. John rides road bikes. I have watched with interest as he has subjected himself to all kinds of pain a suffering that seem to go hand and hand with this sport. I have rOCR-2-Brushed-Blueidden mountain bikes for years and I really do enjoy riding. To make a long story short i finally gave in and bought a road bike. This is not just any road bike. This is the Giant OCR2. In the movie Transformers Bernie Mac's character tells Shia Le'Beouf 

"The driver don't pick the car. The car picks the driver."

The same holds true for a bicycle. I rode a lot of bikes. Some were all right, some were terrible. None of them really felt right for me. I was at my local bike shop Skyline Cycle

and Matt and his staff were showing me around some of the bikes they had. I started looking at some of their Giant line. I pulled out the OCR2. It felt good in my hands. I liked the lines, The components were what i was looking for. I grabbed a helmet and took it for a ride. I knew right away this was the one. It had picked me. I bought it and began my quest for fitness. It didn't take long for me to realize that i would really get to know pain in a very intimate way. I am out of shape. My first ride ended at 3 miles. I really couldnt go further. Over the past 4 weeks i have built my way up to 6.5 miles a day and counting. The endurance is coming, and hopefully the distances and speed continue to grow. I will keep riding and hopefully be in shape by next spring to start riding in some races/events. My parents always told me be careful when choosing your friends. Eventually you will do what they are doing. It appears they were right. Ride on. 

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