Life on the Fringe

I live in Utah.  The home of chemical weapons testing.  Nuclear fallout.  The present home of the "New Area 51"  Generally speaking if the US government  says it didn't happen or doesn't exist; it didn't happen or doesn't exist here.  There is a reason the first artificial heart came from Utah.  There is something in the water, and air, and soil here that just makes it feel different.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I am a realist. 

I have lived for a lot of years with the knowledge that government and industry are moving forward in developing and evolving technologies at a much faster rate than current disclosure mechanisms allow for the dissemination of that new knowledge.

In many cases what is often considered conspiracy is publicly available information that has simply not been highlighted in the main stream media.  Take Multiverse for instance.  The research has been done, and the patent applications have been filed.  This technology is likely already in use inside key installations and organizations to increase their security.  It is a significant discovery, yet, has gone almost completely unnoticed because the media simply doesn't understand how to report it.


Last night I watched the Pilot of Fox's new show on this topic "Fringe." I was entertained!  I will certainly watch the show in the future.  The premise of the existence of corporations that are quietly changing the world while we comfortable sit in our homes watching TV has a beautiful irony to it.  The only thing I don't like about the show is the establishment of "The Pattern."  It suggests that there is one diabolical force in this instance employing the technologies and powers for evil in the world.  This line of thinking makes a much easier story to tell, and it fits really nicely into a 60 minute time slot, but it just isn't reality.  I will still watch the show!  I hope you do too.  The Pilot is available in streaming HD on the Fox website.   

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