Fishing with Barbie


I have 2 daughters and I really want them to fall in love with the outdoors.  If you want a girl to like fishing you have to accessorize. The classic tool has been the Barbie fishing rod.  There is a magic that Barbie rods have that you can't get with any other fishing rod.  Barbie catches fish when nothing else will.  I have decades of experience with this.  It is the standing joke with the guys I fish with.  We all have a Barbie rod (although you really cant use it unless you are fishing with kids, unless you really want to get laughed at.) 

Well now Barbie's secret is out of the bag.  David Hayes has caught the state record catfish in North Carolina.  Read the full story here.

Now when you look at this picture you have to think about what really happened.  He's fishing in the backyard with the Barbie rod (where no one can see him) he gets this monster fish on.  Lands it and then has to figure out how he can get this record listed on a Barbie rod.  Lucky for David he had his grand-daughter around and got her to hold the Barbie rod while he held the fish. I wonder whose name will be on the record? In either case there is one name who will be there for certain "Barbie" 

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