EPD (Electronic Paper Display)


The world of print media is about to change.  In fact the change will move from print to media. The cool thing about the change is that it will literally occur on the paper.  Well, in the paper to be more precise.  EInk Corporation who manufactures and produces EPD's worked with Esquire magazine to build a cover for their magazine that will scroll text and headlines across the front cover of the October 2008 issue.  The cover will be in black and white, however the technology is almost there to do the same in color.  I know there are some of you out there thinking "Hmmm... I wonder if they could make the pictures in Harry Potter."  NPR did an interview with Russell Wilcox, CEO of E-Ink and asked the questions you all want to know the answers too.  Listen to the interview and contemplate the possibilities.

                 NPR Interview With Russell Wilcox

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