lips box Deep down inside us all is a little bit of rock star.  Some try to keep that part hidden while others choose to let it out.  When you are all alone in the house and your favorite song comes on the stereo you just kind of have to sing along.  I personally have been known to play drum solos with coat hangers, air guitar, and of course sing to my thumb as though it were a stage microphone.

Karaoke represents the next step in releasing your inner rock star, but for me that is a little too public.  I have been to Karaoke night with Chris Avis and Kevin Remde.  They have practiced, and it shows. I need a little more time in the privacy of my own home before I am ready for the big stage. 


On November 11,2008 Lips will be released for Xbox 360.  Lips is a Karaoke style game but with everything you really wish a karaoke game could do.  there are 2 wireless microphones.  The tracks come from the included list or your own DRM free music.  Plug in your Zune (or IPod if you are so inclined) and sing to your own favorites.  The software is smart enough to adjust the voice track in the song to accommodate your singing voice.  If you stop singing the real artists voice will simply return.  I always seem to sound better if the real artist is backing me up with the actual vocals and Lips is designed to allow me to adjust the artists vocals to meet my own artistic needs.  Overall this looks like a really fun game.  I cant wait to play it.

Release your inner rock star.      

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  1. Keith Combs says:

    That was my nickname in junior high and high school.

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