Largest Hacking Case Ever Prosecuted

I think we all realize that there's much more to the world we live in than just the nice day to day activities we all engage in. There is another part, that it is ugly and illegitimate. Most of us pretend that the ugly parts simply don't exist because they make us feel uncomfortable with our day to day lives. Perhaps if we ignore it, it will simply go away. We sell ourselves on the false pretense that we are the ones who define our reality by the things we choose to believe. This is just not true. Right and wrong, good and evil, they exist independent of our opinions. Today a set of indictments was handed down and made public against an international cartel that is alleged to have stolen tens of millions of credit card numbers. They did it with sophisticated hacking techniques. They organized themselves and designed their process carefully. Apparently they got away with it for a while. Now they will stand trial for their actions and the penalties are severe.

Read the whole story here.

Hollywood has glorified the underworld in countless TV episodes.  We all watch because of the element of truth that is painfully present.  It is much more than conspiracy theory.  Fear and uncertainty are powerful motivators. Somehow if we can watch it on Television it takes away the reality.  So today we have to face a painful truth.  There are real bad guys out there.  They are trying (and succeeding) to commit real crimes.  They would love nothing more than for you and I to ignore them.  Please Don't.         

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