XBOX360 Red Ring of Death Update

Last Friday by XBOX had a hardware failure.  I would be lying if I said I haven't missed it this week.  I received my shoe box from UPS on Wednesday Afternoon, I packaged the XBOX and It is now on its way to Texas to get fixed.  So far my experience with Microsoft's warranty program has been excellent!  When I filed requests for the repair the web site stated it would be a 4 to 6 week process.  One week down and five to go.

On related note there is an interesting piece of irony in the announcement from E3 this week.  Engadget reports that Netflix will partner with Microsoft to deliver streaming content through the XBOX Live platform. 

Microsoft says the 360 will be the only game system that allows Netflix access for no additional cost, and what's more, streaming movies can be shared with your Live party, allowing you to watch content together. Users will have instant access to their Netflix instant access queues, but it's not clear what resolution the content will be streamed at -- we'd guess it's roughly the same DVD-quality res as Roku's Netflix streamer for now, but anything could change when the service launches in the fall with the new dashboard.

Wouldn't you know it would all come down while my XBOX is on its way to Texas. 

Hurry home XBOX! Safe travels to the Lone Star State.

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  1. Jose Alvarado says:

    I don’t why is take them so long to send back your 360, i send mine last december and i have to buy some games for my pc to play on, because i had 2 new games that i can’t play, but the xbox team only took 4 weeks and send me a new one console, i hope yours come soon and you keep playing like all of us.

    Why red ring of death? reminds me a blue screen of death !

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