Slipstreaming IE8 into Windows Vista Installations

When Windows Vista was released one of the big changes was the way in which Vista was deployed.  We talked at length about the new WIM file format and the flexibility that the format would allow us to have.  Among other things it allows us to mount the installation files in a file system and make changes to the contents of the installations components. My good friend Matt Hester has recorded what I think is one of the first real world examples of how to slipstream an update into Windows Vista using the .wim file.  Matt mounts the .wim, adds IE8 Beta into Windows Vista and then dismounts the wim and saves the changes.  It's a great video! The best thing is that Matt shows how a process that used to be fairly painful and time consuming can be done with much less time and effort.  Leaving more time for XBOX. 

    Check out the Video Here

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