Imagine Cup US Finals


I spent some time in Los Angeles California this last week working with college and university students from around the United States.  They were competing in the Imagine cup finals in the categories of photography, software design, and game design.  I was so impressed with the work that they had done.    I took some video footage while at the event and wanted to share some of it with you so you could get an idea of what the competition is like. 

Watch some of the competition.

This years imagine cup has an environmental sustainability theme.  The projects all focused on the environment and our impact on it.    Busloads of High School kids for around the greater  LA area came in to look at the projects.  It was so nice and refreshing to see their take on the future of software and our technologies. 

Microsoft is focused on environmental sustainability and I was able to corner Mark Aggar (one of Microsoft's Environmental technologists) for a short interview about his participation at Imagine Cup and some of his thoughts around how software might impact the environment. 


Watch the interview with Mark Aggar.

I really enjoyed my experience at imagine cup and got to meet some great innovators and make some new friends.

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