Amazing TechNet Plus Direct Deal

This is the best deal in the Microsoft World!

 TechNet Plus Direct is the subscription of choice for the IT professional. TechNet Plus Direct offers full version non time bombed Microsoft software.  Windows Vista, Office 2007, Exchange 2007,SQL, ISA, Windows Server, and so much more.  Subscribers can download ISO images of the software, burn them to DVD’s and then install them.  The Subscription is not designed to be used to set up your business network, instead it is built to allow the IT Pro to learn and evaluate software solutions.  At my house I used it to build the ultimate home network complete with Exchange servers, Domain controller, ISA firewall, share point site, clients, file servers, and media center.  The TechNet Plus Subscription also includes membership in the beta testers group so you will get the first looks at emerging software without the hassle of trying to secure the beta code.  The goal of this subscription is to put the software in the hands of the IT Pros so that they can make educated recommendations to their business decision makers based on real hands on experience with the products. 

Here’ the best part!  You don’t have to work in the IT Department of a Fortune 500 company to get this amazing benefit.  Anyone who considers themselves an IT Pro can participate.  If you’re a student learning IT, if you’re interested in how technology can better your business, or if you’re the person in the neighborhood everyone calls when they have a computer problem this subscription is for you.

This subscription also includes 2 free support calls to the Microsoft Help Desk (generally valued at more than $200 each), and a host of other monthly benefits that are included in the monthly newsletter. 

The TechNet Pus Direct subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be renewed at a percentage of the initial cost if you want the subscription to continue. 


How do you get it? 

First click the link

Click the yellow shopping cart link for United States and Canda.

Use this coupon code and to get $100 off the $349 price.  TMSAM03 

Enjoy your membership in the hottest program at Microsoft!

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