Windows Server 2008 Quality of Service Settings

 We all wish we could control the network usage patterns of our networks.  Imagine if you could specify which computers could use 10MBsec of a gigabit Ethernet network, and which could use 1MBsec.  Even better would be to be able to set aside or prioritize bandwidth to allocate it to necessary applications. 

All of these can be accomplished today.  Many with little difficulty.  Windows Server 2008 offers Quality of Service Settings that can be implemented using group policy.  This is such a nice improvement to Windows Server.  This short video segment will showcase how the group policy settings can be made. 

Windows Server 2008 Quality of Service Settings


There is also a great article from the cable guy about the architecture of QOS in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.  You can read it here.


Finally if you really want to get the technical details behind QOS then the white paper here is for you.


Quality of Service settings using Group Policy can be a huge benefit to your network. Have fun with these resources and enjoy QOS.

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