Windows Vista Calendar Video

When it comes to work I am a calendar junkie.  I use my outlook calendar extensively.  Everything I do goes right to the calendar.  Want to know if I am available on a given day at a given time it is on my calendar.  Meal times, travel dates, training, webcasts, podcasts, even blog postings are on the calendar.  Some of my calendar is what I hope happens.  Some of it is what is going to happen.  So the Windows Vista team has taken calendaring to your home.  The windows calendar included in Windows Vista is really pretty darn cool. Watch the screencast.  Learn some cool stuff. 

This screencast is part of a larger project from Keith Combs to produce the Windows Vista Product Guide in screencast form.        

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    Chris Henley is one of the better story tellers on my team. We’ve been trying to get him to write (via

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