Office 2007 for Free!

I have the best job on the planet!  I work for the Microsoft Across America TechNet Events Team.  I spend my time delivering live presentations on Microsoft's latest technologies. When I am not doing live events I am learning the emerging technologies and trends.  They actually pay me to do this.  Occasionally my team gets invited to participate in Launch activities.  This year we will be delivering sessions at the Windows Vista/ Office 2007 / Exchange 2007 launch events.  If you haven't already heard Microsoft will give away free copies of Office 2007 Professional to each person who attends the Windows Vista/Office 2007/ Exchange 2007 Launch Events.  This is Fantastic!  As I travel the country presenting live events this is without question the number one request I get. 

"Do you have any complimentary copies of Office?"

This time the answer is YES! 

So how do you go about getting it?

  First, sign up for a launch even in a city near you.  You can register at this link.

Second, attend the live event.  These events are day long events so be prepared to stay all day and learn some great things about Vista, Office and Exchange.  At the event you will receive the Office 2007 software as a token of our appreciation for attending the events. 

That's it.  Now for all of you who asked for Free copies of Office you can't say I never gave you what you asked for. 

Don't even think about asking for free XBOX 360.  We have to draw the line somewhere.  🙂

See you at the show! 


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