The New Sound of Windows Vista


I remember the sound that my desktop used to make when Windows 95 Started.  There was something new age and exciting about an operating system greeting that was musical in nature.  It spoke to the more refined and artistic side of the world of technology.  The sounds of Windows 98, and Windows 2000 continued this trend with subtle changes to the now taken for granted sound that plays every time a Windows Operating system starts.  I am not an expert but I am guessing in terms of sounds and music the Windows sound has to be one of the most easily reconizable, and at the same time most often played sounds on the planet.  So the question is as Microsoft prepares to release the Windows Vista operating system, "How will it sound?" 

Wendy Kaufman at NPR has a story currently available for listeners where you can take the walk down memory lane from the Windows Sounds of the past and where you can hear the Windows Vista sound of the future.

New Windows Has New Sound 

 Take a few minutes and check it out.  It is well worth the couple of minutes. 

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