Interface TV

Playerbg_bigAbout a year ago I had this great idea for a television show.  I wanted to show how technology changes peoples lives for the better.  I also wanted to show some of the just fun and cool things that technology can do.  I found the right people who were just crazy enough to give me the budget to do the project and started down the path.  I had no idea what i was getting in to!  I talked on the phone until it literally hurt to put the phone to my ear.  The final look and feel was a reality based show hosted by a cute young 20 something blonde who also knew computers (come on its every IT professionals dream.)  She would walk the audience through a technology make over situation each week that had dramatic flair and technological impact.  We were going to pilot with a build of a web portal that would dramatically increase the quality and timeliness of service for a national not for profit that supports kids and fighting poverty.  It was all set!  Sometimes in the world things are just not meant to be and that is why you have not seen that show on Discovery Channel (yet.) When Hurricane Katrina hit there were some very interesting things that occurred which had never happened before.  One of which involved the American Red Cross and the construction of a temporary facility to handle the various service activities related to the hurricane relief efforts.  My Microsoft Across America Team has 7 full size tractor and trailers with state of the art communications gear on them which we sent to the red Cross to help establish a channel of communications.  We talked to our producer and said heres what we are doing and he said lets get a film crew down there.  The footage is great and the show is exactly what I wanted.  Technology changing peoples lives for the better.  Cool cutting edge technologies.  The only thing missing is the cute young 20 something blonde who knows about computers (turns out she and bigfoot are about equally easy to contact)  We went with a familiar face from the past.  Spend 26 minutes and watch the show.  You’ll like it!  Most of all it is nice to see the technology we use every day put into a situation where it can be used to do extraordinary things.  Interface TV.

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