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WinMobile2006_ltrI love mobile phones!  The Windows Mobile 5 devices are as soooooooo good.  I currently am running the HTC Wizard on a T-Mobile national plan and I have to tell you I absolutely love it.  If there is any problem with the Windows Mobile 5 devices it is the cost associated with using them.  They are not after all inexpensive to purchase.  So when I see something like this on Harold Wong’s Blog I have to tell you about it.  T-Mobile is running a special for the friends and families of Microsoft TechNet.  They are offering prices so good on the Windows Mobile 5 devices that I literally cannot publish them here.  I know that sounds like a sales tactic but it isn’t. Look for the savings on the SDA and the MDA devices.  If you can have the opportunity to use Microsofts latest Mobile operating system and save some serious cash while doing it then I am happy.  If you want one of the devices use the following link and tell them Chris Henley is your friend on TechNet.  Enjoy these great devices! 



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