Storage Management and iSCSI in a Microsoft World

J0410045 My friend Keith Combs has blogged a discussion of Storage management solutions including the best discussion of iSCSI I have ever read.  In the world of Information Systems management we often classify networks by their size or number of users.  Many hardware and software applications are developed with a focus on a specific network infrastructure segment.  Microsoft Small business server is a perfect example of this principle.  Often we only learn about the technologies that are directly related to our organization.  In most cases this is fine.  Sometimes the technologies that are developed for large enterprise organizations filter down to the smaller networks as technology needs change in terms if usage and price. Those technologies become very valuable to us.  Some of the coolest technologies out there are mass storage systems.  They were developed primarily for the enterprise organizaion however they are now commonplace in the small business and even in the home.  Keith has taken this concept from a basic level and will build your knowledge from there.   It is easily readable and you will learn the basic principles you will need to have a coherent discussion on iSCSI.  In addition he has a demonstration using the Storage Manager for SANS from Windows Server 2003 R2.  This is the best reading and viewing you will do this week.  Take a few minutes to visit and do some great learning from Keith.  Awesome! As storage management solutions become commonplace in our business and move into our homes this information becomes even more valuable. 

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