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Virus spreads to humansI know I never post stuff on the weekends but this had to be posted.  I was in my local grocery store this evening buying the essentials for Sunday dinner.  As i stood in line at the check stand i happened to catch the headline on the Weekly World News.  I couldn’t stop giggling.  The girl at the cash register asked what was so funny so I showed her the headline.  She said she had been smiling ever since it came out on the shelves.  So I wonder which virus it is that will make th jump from the computer to the human population.  Slammer? Zotob? I Love You? Maybe one of the insidious worms.  I laughed all the way home and thought I had better show you the headline.  Just for kicks you really need to visit the weekly world news Technology section .  Apparently Bill Gates is buying Mars (the planet), and this poor kid who thought he had a lasting relationship budding in the Internet chat rooms is crushed to find out he was actually chatting up his mom.  Ouch!  Everyone needs to have a good laugh now and then, and this is a really good laugh!  Enjoy! i will be back with some serious technology next week. 


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