PhotoStory3 Blogcast

AF_WP3_1024A few days ago I promised you I would release a blocast about how easy it is to install and use PhotoStory3 to produce professional digital imagery presentations.  Well here it is!  Whether you are using a Canon, Kodak, Nikon, or any other digital camera this product can seriously simplify the way you display your digital images.  My friends, family, and co-workers have all used the same phrase, “How did you do that?”  You wont believe how easy this really is.  PhotoStory3 takes your digital images, the music you select, and any narration and titles you want to add, and then compiles them with some amazing transitions and effects to produce .wmv files for your local machine, your smart phone, your portable media center, or any other method you should want to use for distribution.  This tool is free.  It can be down-loaded here.  The whole process is quick and painless.  Spend a few minutes watching the podcast/blocast on PhotoStory3.  If it can make an amateur like me look good imagine what it can do for your digital photos.  If you like digital image displays, slideshows, multimedia, or all of the above then this is 12 must see minutes. 

PhotoStory3 Blogcast

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