Windows Vista Games and Parental Controls

WindVista_masthead_ltrHave you had this experience?  You are sitting in your cubicle with 5 minutes left in your lunch hour.  It’s not really enough time to do anything productive so you open the games folder on your PC and stare at your limited options wishing Microsoft had included more than the old stand by’s with Windows XP.  Well the wait is finally over.  Soon that 5 minutes of your lunch hour can be spent playing one of a few new games which will be included with Windows Vista.  No discussion of gaming would be complete without a discussion of how to control who gets to play the games and when they get to play them.  Windows Vista contains a series of Parental controls that will allow parents everywhere to have a firmer grasp of the activities of their children related to Windows Vista.  Spend 15 minutes watching this entertaining and informative screen cast on Windows Vista Games and Parental Controls.   


Windows Vista Games and Parental Controls


Enjoy the Pod cast!  Watch for more Cool Tech Live Segments on Windows Vista in the coming weeks. 

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