Vista Voice Recognition Podcast


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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Looks like MSFT got it right with Visa! This is really cool stuff for those of you who messed with…

  2. Anonymous says:


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  3. Anonymous says:

    News from the front.   Chris Henley, one of my peers on the Technet team has done an excellent…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Chris Henley posted a new screencast on his blog recently that has all of us (his teammates and friends) quite…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nerds talk to their computers.  In fact, everyone that has a computer “talks” to it…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m excited that my team mate, Chris Henley, did a GREAT podcast on the voice recognition capabilities…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Vu sur le blog de Chris Henley

    Le lien vers la page avec la vidéo :

  8. Anonymous says:

    Via de nieuwsbrief van Camtasia kwam ik bij deze post en screencast van Chris Henley over de spraakherkenningsmogelijkheden in Windows Vista. En als je even om de rare intro en het overdreven entho…

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Watch the podcast and see it for yourself, then try it on your own machine.” (Henley)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Windows Vista speech recognition screencast.

  11. Anonymous says:

    When I decided to get all gung-ho on blogging, I did it for all the wrong reasons. There was some perceived…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Voice Recognition in Vista

    My teammate and good buddy Chris Henley did a spectacular viseo showing off…

  13. Anonymous says:

    You need to check out Chris Henley’s pod cast on Windows Vista Speech Recognition, if you answer…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Chris Henley’s blog has a must-see 15-min video of Windows Vista speech recognition in action. …

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait! Chris Henley has a great video showing how voice recognition is built into Windows Vista….

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nerds talk to their computers.  In fact, everyone that has a computer “talks” to it…

  17. Tim says:

    Cannot find file.

  18. julie says:

    Nice demo, but I’m skeptical.

    I’ve used Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over 10 years for dictation (not for navigating), and I am generally impressed with its accuracy.  But where it stumbles, and stumbles badly, is in the correction mechanisms, especially in programs that do not adhere to specific standards.  (It does more or less OK in Microsoft Word, but in third-party programs it can be absolutely miserable.) Dragon does not "remember where the cursor is" for more than the very last dictation in some programs.  So you cannot go back very far in a paragraph and say "Select something-or-other" and have Dragon expect to find it.

    Moreover in some programs when the correction is used, even though the right material is selected, the cursor seems to lose its place and replace the new text but not completely over the old text — trust me, it makes a mash of things.  When correction become such a hassle, ones enthusiasm for the program dies quickly.  

    Interestingly, one of the best programs to dictate in is WordPad.  Dragon never seems to lose its place in that program.

    Incidentally, I have dictated this in Dragon, and have only had to go back and make one correction.

  19. Duck says:

    What a great tool for disable people!


  20. Scott says:

    Im guessing it would work with media center?

  21. Johan S says:

    Can it be configured to use trigger words .. that is only recognize the trigger word followed by a single command? Can I ask it to read a web page or a particular screen’s text area? And/or, can it be configured to only do desktop functions?

  22. Albert says:

    Well, Microsoft is finally catching up.

  23. walkingmac says:

    umm… can’t see the vid, but this sounds much like what I already do (and have been doing) with my mac. Only with mac os I have Applescripting that I can ‘program’ commands to give me a lot more flexibility and versatility. Some of the points and commands mentioned are much more advanced, but keep in mind that speech recognition in the mac has gone pretty much unchanged for about a decade. With M$ releasing this I bet Apple will rekindle their efforts in this technology.

  24. ylon says:

    Yep, still copying features that have been in Mac OS X for a while.  Sure, they may enhance things, but its certainly nothing new and nothing that Apple can’t enhance very quickly to surpass this.

  25. NtroP says:

    What, you think everyone in the world uses Windows? How about encoding it in something that will play on more than one lame platform?  Quicktime/H.264 Maybe?

  26. Derek W. says:

    For all the Mac Zealots complaining, MS had a speech recognition SDK kit out a long time ago.  It worked better than what was on Mac OS 8 – MUCH better even back in the day (1996 or 97ish).  I hope you Zealots can actually comment on something in life w/o always having to put your Apple comments scattered all over the place, makes it look like your desperate for something (which I don’t know what, but something).

  27. Mabeshark says:

    Cool that it’s going to be in Vista for free, no add-on needed, but it’s been done? Anyone ever heard of Scansoft – Dragon Naturally Speaking? Nothing really totally new, besides, I don’t think Voice recgonition is worth using yet at this point. It’s so much faster typing with a keyboard or pointing/clicking with the mouse. I suppose it is a good gesture though as a built-in accessiblilty service, I will give them that. Bravo.

  28. TDavid says:

    I wonder how the engine handles people with low raspy voice with weak inflection. My friend is disabled and told me that is his problem with the speech recognition engines he’s tried: they don’t identify him.

    Mr. Henley’s voice is pretty clear and the system had trouble recognizing "bill gates" from "build."

  29. James Valentine says:

    Interesting, but throws up some questions: if you wanted to write ‘close that’ in a text editor, for example – would you *have* to temporarily disable speech recognition?

    It’s a fun gummick, but controling the OS with speech commands was patently slower than just clicking around with the mouse – and relatively error prone (viz. having to repeat ‘load Office’ and ‘scroll down’ commands, which would just get to be annoying as hell).

    It’s also fairly slow… after the final demonstration, there was a fair lapse before it parsed the ‘stop listening’ command, and starting doing all sorts of odd things in the meantime.

    It’s the sort of auperfluous feature that’ll get people all excited in principal, but won’t get any use in practise – I can’t imagine anyone putting up with the quirks for more than a week after unwrapping.

  30. Kyle says:

    Voice recognition software that’s slower than using a keyboard?  How unbelievable useless.

  31. HARISH says:

    Definitely an overkill! It can be supremely annoying to your the guy who sits at your neighbouring desk as well.

  32. Clob says:

    Its nice and shows good improvements but laks so much that I still would not bother. Untill this technology is perfect and has a "startrek computer" like responce, or at least gets somewhere close, its probably going to be a waste of time. Looks kind of fun to play with for a bit. M$ realy has to keep up on this for it to gather any popularity and I would like to see that.

  33. Henry Parker says:

    Very nice feature indeed. It will be interesting to see it in action

  34. Ian Boardman says:

    You could start by calling it SPEECH recognition, not VOICE recognition.  It seems as though you you don’t even know how to say what you mean.

  35. Rob Phillips says:

    Yeah, it works but it was so slow.  Why would I ever use it?  It’s too complicated to the regular user to learn all the special commands when they can just click with a mouse, and anyone extremely computer savy uses the mouse even less because it is slower than using the keyboard for most repetitive tasks.

  36. Some Guy says:

    Yeah I agree with all of you, im MUCH better at just using my hands, I could care less about this feature, I dunno if I even want Vista, I love XP

  37. Peter Selie says:

    This isn’t a podcast, f**king WMV garbage

  38. nick says:

    How about the following commands (from the desktop):

    1. directions to nearest bar.

     – of course you would precofigure directions to go to and it would insert "bars near " & your address from your profile.

    2. google pictures bill gates

    opens firefox and googles

    3. edit desktop picture

    which would open the current desktop image in your default photo editor.

    4. New spreadsheet

    Opens xl

    5. IM Dude What’s up?

    Opens IM chat window and sends "What’s up" to Dude

    6. Play spider.

    7. ET Phone Home.

    Opens skype and makes a (very) long distance call, temporarily suspending recognition until disconnected.

    This would be a truly amazing interface.  What was presented here does not appear to hold any real value to the general user.

  39. Matt says:

    WMV PODCAST? that’s an interesting concept

  40. Bulls23 says:

    Can you play back the audio?  that is necessary for real dictation/correction.  Can you add additional language models or vocabularies such as a medical specialty?  Can you have more than one profile such as headset and hands free microphone?  What file format is the audio recorded in?

  41. wow says:

    Mac OS’s have ad this feature for about 10 years.

  42. ChodaBoy says:

    Wow!  Windows Vista can do the same thing as Dragon Dictate Naturally Speaking…

    Only much slower, and with more errors, and YEARS later.

    Windows Vista, What a waste of bits.

  43. Hervé says:


    La reconnaissance vocal serat-elle également multilangage ? Vista reconnaitra le français ?

  44. Genevieve says:

    La reconnaissance vocale doesn’t work on Chenley’s blog, espece d’idiot.

  45. Hervé says:

    Idiote toi même Genevieve

    Je pose une question simple, tu peux répondre simplement, mais t’as étrangement choisi de m’envoyer balader…

    Bon si une personne agréable et sensé accepte de me répondre, j’aimerais savoir si Microsoft développe la reconnaissance vocale en française sous Vista.


  46. Richard says:

    My daughter is paralyzed.  Just because this isn’t useful to you doesn’t make it stupid.  I’m amazed at the narrown worldview of some people.

  47. Brian says:

    I want to see more, make another video please!

  48. Toby says:

    where is the feature voice recognition in the new build 5308?! who can help me

    start -> controlpanel -> ?! there is noch option voice recognition

  49. 1truefan says:

    It looks nice – it is nice to see Vista add a feature that has been available on MAC OS X for over a year I think now – can’t wait to dual-boot Vista on the iMac!

  50. Lora Maynor says:

    I am impressed. Can this application be used in the healthcare arena? I work with a lot of physicians and healthcare providers. Physicians have to do dictations regarding a patients Operating Reports, Discharge Summaries, History and Physicals etc. Is Vista intuitive to recognize foreign accents? We often times see physicians from all over the world. Most do not have typing skills and would prefer to dictate their reports. Currently, they have to wait for a transcriptionist to type their reports, then they have to review the preliminary reports, make the necessary edits via typing themselves and then sign for a Final Report. Currently many physicians are being trained on an electronic medical record which is the patients chart. I want to know how do they builed the medical library vocabulary? Is this based on "Dragon" technology? What is different about Vista as compared to other Voice Recognition programs? What are the possibilities of interfacing this program with our Electronic Medical Record? Who holds the Market Share in this Industry?, Have you made projections about positioning this product in the voice recognition industry? Is your stock on NYSE or NASDQ?

  51. Nils'y says:

    What is so amazing about Vista? Remember when Windows XP came out? Then voice recognition was all the rave, after it was released no one used it. And also, there are many voice recognition programs out there that work great with any operating system.

    If this videocast was released 20 years ago I would have been impressed but other than Vista looking "cool", what is so amazing and fantastic??

  52. Todd Follansbee says:

    What sort of processor were you running this on? Is there hope for faster response tine with larger ram or memory allocation for those of us with modest budgets?

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