Thinking about IPv6

Here it is the first of a set of entries that will probably move my neglected blog to another level.  I have been seriously considering IPv6.  I have also been considering making a short educational yet fun segment about IPv6.  It seems there is not a glut of information on IPv6 out there.  Pictures of naked celebrities we can find without difficulty.  The papparazzi have seen to that.  However when it comes to quality information about emerging technologies we are stuck with the inconcievable task of deciphering the RFC’s, or going it alone and trying to compile and digest the avaiable tidbits of information that are out there on the subject.  Is it possible to be creative with a straight tech subject like IPv6?  We are going to find out.

I asked some friends how to make a subject like this interesting.  They said first and foremost we needed a hot model to host the show.  The vote was a toss up between Scarlett Johannsen, and Charlize Theron.  I am sure they are both avaiable to do shows on IPv6 and probably would be willing to waive their multimillion dollar fee because of the opportunity to work with an up and coming director with no experience and no budget like me. 

Plan b.. make the film myself write, produce, direct, and star in it.  I know you are thinking this is not a good idea.  How good can it be.  Well Sly Stalone did it with Rocky and the film was an amazing success.  He was an unknown fighter from Philly who rose to the ranks of superstardom by fighting sides of beef and drinking raw eggs with a tought manager who wouldnt give up.  So my show will be about a protocol from the east bay who rose to the ranks of protocol superstardom by waiting for more thatn a decade for a shot at the big time and then revolutionized network connectivity. 

I think it has legs. 

I am starting production this weekend. 

Watch for the teaser trailer!  It should be great!

Hey, if it doesn’t fly we can always call Charlize or Scarlett.  Apparently they are so good they can even make IPv6 sound interesting. 

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