Free SQL 2005 Software

Well the time is fast approaching for the launch of SQL 2005.  November 7th in San Francisco will mark the official release of SQL 2005.  Following this event the local districts will also host launch events in various cities around the country.  In addition the TechNet events team will host a series of “Best of Launch” events around the country.  One of the coolest perks of attending one of these best of launch events is that you can get a free copy of SQL 2005 for attending the event.  register at Some cities have already closed registration because of the sheer volume of registrants.  Look for cities that are close to the one you would like to attend and there is still a good chance of getting in.  I am told the SQL 2005 product that will be given away is SQL 2005 standard edition with a single license.  Attend a Best of Launch event.  Have a great time!  And receive free stuff to boot.  See you at the events. 


P.S.  You can find me in Northern California, Utah, Idaho, and Denver, Colorado.  I look forward to seeing you there. 

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  1. Brian Corbin says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for coming out to Boise for the SQL Server 2005 Launch Event. It was a very informative discussion and I learned a good deal. Even if I didn’t go home with a spiffy new Pocket PC, I’m still glad I went! I thought you did an excellent job keeping all us geeks interested and engaged. I hope to see you out this way again some time!

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