Saving the Planet!

          Always respect the dreams of children.  They will inevitably grow!


A long time ago I was a kid with a dream.  I really wanted to make a difference in this world.  I was going to cure cancer, or discover a new energy source, or spend my life in researching other noble pursuits.  I would still love to accomplish those tasks, and who knows maybe I will.  One thing is for sure my own dreams have come true in ways I never expected as a child.  One of the things I was expecting in my childhood dreams was fame and fortune.  I would guess that every kid wants fame and fortune at some point because as kids we only see the glamour and not the responsibility and associated headaches that always accompany the 2 F’s.   

My childhood dreams are still very much alive.  This Blog is all about dreams and the technology that makes them possible. 


Big Blog Goals


1.      Highlight the positive effects of technology on individuals!

2.      Provide information and resources to increase technological understanding.

3.      Push the envelope of Blog content to the Jaw Dropping level.


Today’s Top Story….


          “You are standing in front of a door.”


        I was 11 and the commodore VIC 20 had introduced text based adventure games.  I spent hours in front of the screen typing test commands to find out what exactly you could do with that dumb door.  When I got through the door I was presented with.


        “You are in a large room.”   


            I started the test commands all over again.  I know this sounds tedious and boring, and to some extent it was, but I Loved It.  I would spend days playing these games.  My least favorite of the messages was.


            “You have died.”


            Mostly because it put me right back in front of that *&^% door.


This afternoon my six year old was intently working on her computer.  When I asked what she was doing she responded, “Learning about the conditions that cause the development of tropical storms.”  

“Why?” I asked.

“I have to save the planet from an enormous emerging tropical storm. What you doin’ Dad.”

“I am going to spend an hour shooting aliens who are threatening to invade the earth, and then spend the rest of the afternoon working on learning SQL 2005”

“What’ SQL 2005?” she asked.

“A database management system designed to help businesses take over the earth.” I quipped.

She gave me the “Sure Dad” look and went back to saving the planet. 


Were not standing in front of doors anymore!  Technology has made the world of games very similar to the world of reality.  Depending on who you ask this is either the worst possible thing that could happen to a kid’s attention span, or the best thing since text based adventure games.


From the gamer screen to the Movie Screen…..

          The bidding for a movie based on “Halo” and “Halo 2,” a science fiction series about a warrior named Master Chief who battles aliens, began Monday when a script commissioned by Microsoft was delivered to Hollywood studios by messengers wearing Master Chief green armor and toting laser guns.

This is from a story that appeared on MSNBC on June 30th 2005.  IT has caused a wave of responses from the Halo and Halo 2 communities.  See the full story at

Will Master Chief join the ranks of the gaming characters that have successfully made the jump from the game screen to the big screen? 


What are your feelings on the new evolutions in the game console world?


 How do you feel about gaming?


Your responses are appreciated. 

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  1. Chett Haupt says:

    I attended your SQL Show in SF which was really great! I support a School for Emotionally impaired kids and was wondering if you had any free type software or games would could share. there are about 50 kids and their ages run from 6 – 22.

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