Microsoft working with OVF community to improve virtual machine interoperability


I wanted to send out this quick note to update everyone on our continued focus on and commitment to portability and interoperability using OVF.  We have gained valuable on-the-ground experience to ensure interoperability with our partners such as Citrix and VMware for Open Virtualization Format (OVF).  Portability and interoperability of virtualization technologies across platforms using Linux and Windows virtual machines is important to Microsoft and to our customers.


Interoperability for core scenarios using the SC 2012 VMM OVF Export/Import tool and partner products, such as Citrix XenServer and XenCenter, and VMware Workstation and vCenter, helps realize our goals to benefit our individual and mutual customers, and guides development of OVF in DMTF. Citrix [blog], Microsoft and other industry players remain committed to standards such as OVF in DMTF.


Thanks for reading & have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!


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