Running SQL server 2008 on Hyper-V

Now the world of IT is turning its focus on consolidating the physical computers into virtual machines. More and more people started to ask questions like, “will my app run the same in those virtual machines?”, “will there be any performance changes for my app running them in VMs versus standalone physical machines?”. Many of those questions are discussed in our Hyper-V TechNet center and various Hyper-V team blogs.


The one in particular I heard the most is the question “if I should run my SQL Server in a VM?” or “will there be performance degradation on my SQL if I run it in a VM?”. And the answer to that question is “it depends on the workload and SLA”, according to Lindsey Allen, Principle Program Manager Lead, in SQL Customers Program team.


If you are one of the folks who are seeking best practices recommendation on running SQL Server 2008 in a Hyper-V environment, here is a perfect white paper for you:


Thanks to Lindsey, Mike, Prem and others in the SQL Server Customer Program team, who have worked tirelessly and published this whitepaper just in time with Microsoft global virtualization launch efforts.


Like me, I hope you will find this paper offering great insights into how you should evaluate and assess your applications on SQL and the hardware where SQL Server is running on, and what to expect when you move your SQL server environment onto Hyper-V.


Hope this helps and thanks for reading,


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