8 Minute Demo – OIS & VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1

Hello Readers/Viewers! Today we take a look at some new functionality within the VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 Release. BACKGROUND If you haven’t already heard, Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 was recently released. In the long list of new features, one in particular stood out to me: It now has the ability to…


OIS – Automated System Center Advisor Agent Deployment with Service Management

I recently completed a project where I needed to orchestrate and automate the deployment of System Center Advisor Agents (and pre-requisites) on 228 different Host machines. PROBLEM SUMMARY: A recent configuration request required we enable System Center Advisor for a large number of Sales Demo Host machines – This meant that all host machines needed…


OIS 6.3 / Orchestrator – Advanced Workflow & Best Practice Video Tutorial

Happy Friday Readers and Viewers! I thought it was time I present you with a collection of “Advanced Workflow & Best Practice” Video Tutorials. I realize that many of you may think the timing on this is strange, given that the public SC Orchestrator 2012 Beta is due to release TODAY. Rest assured, the topics…


8 Minute Demo – Orchestrated Cloud Application Deployment

Good Morning Readers and Viewers! I had my head in the clouds for this installment of the 8-Minute-Demo Video Series. Today we explore Windows Azure and the Orchestrated Deployment of a Cloud Application utilizing System Center (Opalis Integration Server and Service Manager). VIDEO VIDEO DEMONSTRATION DETAILS (Useful Timestamps) Total Duration: 29:40 Introduction and Solution Review…


A Guide to Blog D’Joy

Readers/Viewers – The following is a guide to my past and current blog posts: ALL VIDEOS – YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/charlesjoyMS COMMUNITY CONTENT – CodePlex: http://opalis.codeplex.com/ and http://orchestrator.codeplex.com/ What is Opalis Integration Server / System Center Orchestrator? Start Here! – Product Overview and Demo Why Opalis / Orchestrator? (Value Prop) Does Opalis / Orchestrator have an…


@Tech·Ed North America 2011 – System Center Orchestrator Booth

I wanted to provide a quick guide to this blog for those of you new to this blog (especially those of you who have been directed to this site from one of the people at the System Center Orchestrator booth @ TENA 2011!) 🙂 SYSTEM CENTER ORCHESTRATOR BETA CEP SIGN-UP!!! – https://connect.microsoft.com/site1211/Survey/Survey.aspx?SurveyID=12773  WHAT TO EXPECT…


8 Minute Demo – CMDB Federation and Event Remediation

Hello Readers/Viewers! Today we get another addition to the “8-Minute-Demo Video Series” (or as it has been so aptly named) 🙂 The following video will walk you through some “slideware” on two Opalis Examples: “CMDB Federation” and “Event Remediation”   enJOY!


8 Minute Demo – System Center-Opalis – Incident Remediation

Good day readers/viewers! Today I have something at little different. Well a lot different. I took off my programming and training hats, and decided to put on my demo hat. The following Videos are 8 Minute Demos of System Center-Opalis as it is used in an Incident Remediation Use Case, included first though, an Opalis…