Orchestrator Cool Solution Example – Automating the Export and TFS Check-In of Runbooks

Hello Readers/Viewers! Ryan Andorfer has done it again – created a great solution which you can leverage as an example to perform similar tasks… This time it is all about AUTOMATING the ability to EXPORT and CHECK-IN Runbooks from Orchestrator to Team Foundation Server. NOTE: This example solution does not include automated import of runbooks….


Orchestrator CodePlex Integration Packs

Hello Readers/Viewers! I realize that these posts have been few and far between lately, but all that is going to change during and after MMS 2012! (believe me, this was by design, not by laziness 😉 To get this blog rolling again, albeit slowly, I wanted to let everyone know that the post I made…


Orchestrator (RC) CodePlex Integration Packs UPGRADED!

Hello Readers/Viewers! During a recent Microsoft Internal Event (TechReady), I realized that the CodePlex IPs that I updated for System Center 2012 Orchestrator were in fact just that, updated – not UPGRADED. Original Blog Post is here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/charlesjoy/archive/2011/11/03/orchestrator-rc-codeplex-integration-packs-updated.aspx As of today, I have replaced all my previously posted CodePlex IPs with 1.1 Versions (and one…


Orchestrator (RC) CodePlex Integration Packs Updated!

Hello Readers/Viewers! I know, I know, it has been quite some time since I made a "real" update to my blog, you know, something with actual content. 🙂 After a couple days of upgrading, testing, renaming, testing some more, recompiling, documentation updating, and finally more testing the following (previously published) Integration Packs are now compatible…


Released! – System Center Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Unleashed

Hello Readers/Viewers! I am proud to announce that the System Center Opalis Integration Server 6.3 Unleashed book is now available. For some of you this is not news, as it was actually released a couple weeks ago, this is just the first opportunity I have had to get the information on my blog. 🙂 Some…


OIS – Automated System Center Advisor Agent Deployment with Service Management

I recently completed a project where I needed to orchestrate and automate the deployment of System Center Advisor Agents (and pre-requisites) on 228 different Host machines. PROBLEM SUMMARY: A recent configuration request required we enable System Center Advisor for a large number of Sales Demo Host machines – This meant that all host machines needed…


8 Minute Demo – PowerShell to SQL – Runbook Options

Good Evening Readers/Viewers! I figured it was time to create another “8-Minute-Demo” for my favorite video series… So I have come back with something that I have recently been implementing for any Runbook implementing PowerShell data extraction for SQL data storage. It is a very simple concept, that up until lately I have been avoiding…


OIS 6.3 – External Interfaces

Readers/Viewers, this is just a simple post which will be directly referenced as “see also” content by the OIS 6.3 – Advanced Workflow & Best Practice Video Tutorial post. OIS 6.3 – External Interfaces: Any interface which can integrate or orchestrate the initiation of OIS workflows. Exposed OIS Integration Surfaces: Command Line Interface (OIS5StartPolicy.exe) SOAP…


OIS 6.3 / Orchestrator – Advanced Workflow & Best Practice Video Tutorial

Happy Friday Readers and Viewers! I thought it was time I present you with a collection of “Advanced Workflow & Best Practice” Video Tutorials. I realize that many of you may think the timing on this is strange, given that the public SC Orchestrator 2012 Beta is due to release TODAY. Rest assured, the topics…


8 Minute Demo – Orchestrated Cloud Application Deployment

Good Morning Readers and Viewers! I had my head in the clouds for this installment of the 8-Minute-Demo Video Series. Today we explore Windows Azure and the Orchestrated Deployment of a Cloud Application utilizing System Center (Opalis Integration Server and Service Manager). VIDEO VIDEO DEMONSTRATION DETAILS (Useful Timestamps) Total Duration: 29:40 Introduction and Solution Review…