System Center Orchestrator 2012 BETA is here!

Readers/Viewers, in the event that you have not yet heard about the release of the SC Orchestrator 2012 BETA, here it is:

***Announcing the System Center Orchestrator Beta!***

Here are some related and helpful links to accompany this announcement:

Download the SC Orchestrator 2012 BETA:
SC Orchestrator Team Blog:
New SC Orchestrator Forum on TechNet:
Community Evaluation Program:
Microsoft Connect Site (for Feedback):
TechNet Library for SC Orchestrator 2012 BETA:
TechNet Library for OIS 6.3 (remember much of the functionality is shared):
CodePlex (for Community Content):

AND of course, you can still check back here for more information on OIS and SC Orchestrator moving forward.

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Comments (2)

  1. Your best bet for support on SCO BETA Items is:…/systemcenterorchestrator
    and submit feedback here:…/Feedback

    For the Multi-Value issue, please see this:, it is likely a configuration issue with one of the objects generating multiple values, which downstream objects have to execute individually (one of the rules of pipeline runbook execution)

  2. Murali says:

    We are running into couple of problems with Orchestrator 2012.

    1. We imported SCVMM IP and we could not run "Create VM from Template". It always throws 2905 error. We checked and rechecked the file path, but with no use. We then switched to "Create VM from VM" and it works fine.

    2. Another thing we have been noticing is each work element in the run book runs four times. We don't have looping enabled. Any help is much appreciated.

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