Introducing Tiander Turpijn – Sr. Technology Specialist and Opalis Guy

Hello Readers/Viewers, as the “Opalis Community” is growing we have more and more great content emerging. Today, I wanted to take a moment to introduce Tiander Turpijn, another one of my many co-workers here at MSFT and a contributor to the Opalis Community.

Small Bio:


Tiander Turpijn has joined Microsoft in 1998 with a strong passion for technology and has developed a deep interest in what is now called “System Center”.

After his troubleshooting days at Microsoft’s Product Support Services, he spent most of his time working on systems management and automation as a Systems Engineer, Senior Consultant at MCS and now as a Senior Technology Specialist focused on Datacenter management.

Community Content Offering (video demonstrations):


Automated Patching of a Hyper-V Cluster through Opalis Integration Server 6.3. In this case, his customer did not have SCCM & SUM in place so he was bound to use WSUS for patching. Because of this, there was a custom PowerShell scripting requirement for the project and thus, OIS 6.3 proved a great fit for enabling the scenario. Alternatively, if a customer has SCCM & SUM, the OIS 6.3 SCCM IP could have been leveraged, which would have made for a more simple and “out-of-the-box” experience. Either way, OIS 6.3 can handle the job as Orchestrator, enabling most any scenario, whether it is “out-of-the-box” or highly customized.


OIS Hyper-V Cluster Patch Management Part 1
An explanation of the demo

OIS Hyper-V Cluster Patch Management Part 2
The demo


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  1. John Stamford says:

    Hi Tiander, great video, how can I get the powershell script and opalis workflow so that I can try to implement this solution at my workfplace.

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