8 Minute Demo – Sanitizing OIS Exports

Good evening readers/viewers!

Today we take a look at a topic that you may or may not know you need to learn. 🙂

You have a policy or set of policies that you would like to export and share.

Regardless of the number of Global Settings and/or Global Configurations you use within your policies, they will be exported along with your policies (unless explicitly excluded). This means if you have a policy, only use one of the many variables you have stored within your OIS datastore, export just that policy, you will get ALL the variables in your export. Even if you simply export a single policy (policy level export, instead of folder level), you will still get the entire folder structure for all your variables (though the unused variables are not exported). Either way, exporting in OIS can result in “dirty” OIS datastores, especially if you share exports, import/export frequently, etc.

Sanitize your OIS Exports! (see video)

In this video, I showed how I sanitized the OIS export that I attached to a previous blog post. This is what I do in the “real world” to workaround this issue. I hope you found this useful.


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  1. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path from OpalisRobot to OIS 6.3. While the products have some similar characteristics, they are completely differnet products. There used to be a tool to convert OpalisRobot workflows to something that would import into OIS 5.x, but it is long gone and did not work all that well. I remember still having to re-work almost all the policies that were "converted".

    There is good news, the new workflow engine in OIS 6.3 has many benefits over what you are used to in OpalisRobot. Many OpalisRobot policies can be consolidated using new OIS 6.3 logic. In this way, if you have 1000 policies in OpalisRobot, you may be able to re-evaluate the processes behind all those policies, re-think their construction, and finally re-author new policies (many times fewer) which still accomodate all the processes.

    As far as a genral area where you can post issues/questions, there are four TechNet Forums just for this type of request. 🙂 There is even a forum for OpalisRobot questions.

    http : / / social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/opalisint/threads

    http : / / social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/opalisqik/threads

    http : / / social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/opalisv4/threads

    http : / / social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/opalisv5v6/threads

    Simply remove the spaces I have added at the beginning of the addresses.

  2. Excellent walkthrough Charles.  Clever way to cleanse the workflows!  Moving from QA to PROD can definitely benefit from this type of scenario.

  3. Kyle says:


    Is there a way to export policies from OpalisRobot and then import them into Opalis Integration Server? We have alot of policies that we will have to rewrite if not. Also is there a general area I can go to post issues with Opalis? I don't want to keep commenting on your blogs, but you seem very helpful with situations!   😀



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