Installing Opalis Integration Server 6.3 – Video Tutorial

Good Evening Readers/Viewers!

The long awaited Video Tutorial for Opalis Integration Server 6.3 has landed.

Special Thanks to my distinguished colleague and fellow opalisguy, Mark Gosson, who took the time to record the install experience.

Roll Tape!

We realize there are more moving parts with these Opalis installs than you are used to, and we do appreciate your patience. The good news is, v.Next is on its way!

In fact, very soon, you will hear some announcements about the v.Next release as it pertains to Opalis. Watch for new post(s) from Adam Hall on the System Center Nexus Blog for more info!

Until then…


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  1. It is just fine installing the Client on the same machine as the MS. In fact, this is how I use it most of the time (I just use Remote Desktop to connect to the MS machine and use the Client from there). You can install the Client separately on any machine that can connect to and has permissions to the MS (even client OS machines – refer to the requirements). Remote install of a client can be done by using the Deployment Manager (from the MS) – the same way you deploy Action Servers (again make sure you refer to the requirements and have all appropriate permissions). Manual install of Clients is also possible, through the setup and msi execution.

  2. @Chandan Patralekh: I would not recommend installing Opalis 6.3 – System Center 2012 Orchestrator is currently available and has a much better install experience and is the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

    If you still want it, the link for this video is: http : // www. youtube. com /watch?v=21muYnqN57U

  3. Manoj Mathew says:

    Great Post.Thx for sharing the Info

  4. Bryan Heath says:

    Quick question. How would you break out the client install? I have a DB server, a MS, and a AS. Is it OK to have the client on the MS or would it be best to have a dedicated server?

  5. Chandan Patralekh says:

    I don't see the video here. Please provide me the link. cpatralekh (at) hotmail (dot) com

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