8 Minute Demo – Opalis & SharePoint, Together At Last

The long anticipated SharePoint Integration Pack was released to CodePlex on November 20th, 2010 by Jeff Fanjoy, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Corporation.

The Integration Pack (.oip) file and User Guide are posted here: http://opalis.codeplex.com/releases/view/56094

I decided that just posting an announcement about the CodePlex release for this Integration Pack, wasn’t enough. Instead, for this momentous occasion, I created an “8 Minute Demo” video highlighting some of its included objects (Get List Item, Create List Item, and Monitor List Item) as well as practical usage within a production environment.

Now, presenting to you, in full color, “Opalis & SharePoint, Together At Last”

BTW, this Integration Pack was developed completely using the Quick Integration Kit (QIK) from Opalis. So, all of you wondering what is possible with QIK, take notes. 🙂 In fact, Jeff’s SharePoint Integration Pack adds even more proof for the pudding for this post.


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