Opalis Help Files & Documentation – All in One Place! – Part 2 – Integration Packs

As promised, Part 2!

This is simply a post so that I could attach the second ZIP file which contains the documentation for the Integration Packs.

Please see the attached: Opalis_Documentation_Collection_IPs.zip

Also, please be sure to reference the Excel File: Opalis_Product_Listing_and_Documentation_Reference.xlsx, as always, if you do not have Excel 2010, you can download the Excel Viewer here.

Finally, to sync things up, here is a link back to Part 1 of this “Opalis Help Files & Documentation - All in One Place!” post!



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  1. Hi Charles,

    Congrats for this great blog post, I am writing something about Opalis and thinking to post on my personal blog soon, this will help me a lot.


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