Opalis Help Files & Documentation – All in One Place! – Err, Part 1 – Platform

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to break this “Opalis Help Files & Documentation - All in One Place!” post into two parts. Sigh.

Look at it this way, everything will now be in one place, on a single Blog. 🙂

No more searching through all the various release notes, help files, and numerous directories to find the Opalis specific documentation you need. Now, everything that is currently available, is in one place, here.

I am not going to say that the documentation is 100%; in fact, there are some pieces missing. I just wanted to make looking for what was actually available, easier.

Since this is “Part 1”, I will put the NOTES in here:

  • The following are the same notes listed at the top of the Excel File included with the related documentation.
  • All of this information has been available since Opalis was released by Microsoft, just not in one place.
  • In fact, all this information is currently available (packaged in various directories) from the downloads referenced at this URL: http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/opalis.aspx
  • The purpose this project was to gather as much documentation on the Opalis Products as possible, put it all in one place and make it available to the public.
  • Up until this point it may have been difficult to find some of the more important information when it was needed.
  • In the end, the hope for this project was to reduce "searching" time and increase "finding" time.
  • Documentation for the upcoming 6.3 Released Integration Packs are not included here.
  • Each one of the following listed items has an associated folder with some very important information (release notes and .xps printed help file).
  • Finally, please also note, there is no specific help printed out (as an .xps file) for the following Integration Packs (though release notes are available):
    • HP Asset Manager IP
    • HP Network Node Manager IP
    • Microsoft Systems Management Server IP
    • Veritas NetBackup IP
    • VMware vSphere IP

Please see the attached: Opalis_Documentation_Collection_Platform.zip

Be sure to check out Part 2 of this “Opalis Help Files & Documentation - All in One Place!” post!



Comments (3)

  1. Hi Charles,

    Congrats for this great blog post, I am writing something about Opalis and thinking to post on my personal blog soon, this will help me a lot.


  2. Per the request, I have added the documentation for the Remote Trigger functionality to this ZIP (the platform one). I also updated the XLS file to include a line item for the Remote Trigger as well.

  3. Owen C says:


    Great post.  I have been looking for this information.

    One thing seems to be missing though and that is the documentation for the Remote Trigger functionality.

    Could you add that?

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