Opalis Operator Console as a Windows Service – UPDATE

A while back I posted a video and some instructions on how to set up your Opalis Operator Console as a Windows Service. It was extremely popular and got a lot of people moving in the right direction for Operator Console usage with Opalis.

Right after the post came out, there was a comment posted on the YouTube video stating that “Local System” was not a valid “Log On As” Account for this Service, once it was created.

As “Local Service” worked in my install (and in the video), I took it as a quirk with the setup, but recently I have found that an actual user account may be required for this service to operate properly (especially in 2008).

With the upcoming release of Opalis 6.3 and the support of 2008, I wanted to post this update explaining that the Service, once installed, should be set to have a “Log On As” Account set to a User Account.


  • MYDOMAIN\Administrator
  • MYDOMAIN\opalis_svc
  • .\Administrator
  • .\opalis_svc

The following image is how one of my Demo System’s Opalis Operator Console Service is configured:

DISCLAIMER: This information is for example purposes only. It is not official documentation on the best practice for getting the Operator Console installed as a Windows Service. This is meant to guide you in the right direction and point out some of the important aspects to get it up and running. The wrapper.conf referenced in these blog posting is an example of what I used to get everything working in my environment. Your experience may vary.

Recently released (January 2011) by Kelverion, a new utility has been developed that can be used to fully assist with the install of the Opalis Operator Console as well as configure it as a service. Information about this utility is available here, and a demo is available here.


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  1. I believe we have covered off on this already, but for the sake of a public answer… there is no documentation about the Operator Console working cross domains. The files we list for installation are limited to a single domain for authentication. The Authentication module used in the Operator console is JAAS. Further research and customization into if it’s going to support cross domain authentication would be necessary.



    Either way, a non-JBOSS version of the Operator Console will be available later this year. I have yet not been told if it will support cross domain connectivity.

  2. Jarrad says:

    Hi Charles,

    Is the Operator console only available to user/groups that are in the same domain as the Opalis Web Console Server? I can't seem to add or apply permissions to any user or group outside of the Opalis home domain.


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