Hello Class. Err. Hello Readers!

This is my first stab at [we]blogging, so I have to vet some things out: verbiage, tone, content, length, etc. Sadly, this first entry will not contain any juicy technical information, but I didn't want a "contentless" blog.

I know what you are thinking (well at least I am thinking it), "How many posts until this fade into the abyss of the bloghole?". Well that is a good question, we shall see, I guess.

My intention for this blog will be to share my personal experience with Technology, specifically Opalis and System Center.

I recently created a "Video Tutorial Series" for the "Opalis Quick Integration Kit (QIK)", but I am still in the process of finding a place to host the videos. As soon as I do, I will post the links.

Until then...


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