Advanced Threat Analytics(ATA) Deployment and Capabilities Part-II

Once again bringing an interesting part of Advanced Threat Analytics(ATA). In the previous blog we looked into complete setup process. If you have not already got a chance, please take a look at part-1 here Part-1 talks about how to configure and install ATA In this blog, we will look into few capabilities of ATA….


Advanced Threat Analytics(ATA) deployment Steps. Part-I

[bing_translator]Hello our solution enthusiasts. In this Post, we will go through Advanced threat analytics step by step installation, setup and looking around its capabilities. We will refer this as ATA. ATA is an on-prem product of Microsoft and helps protect your enterprise in various ways. that could be any anonymous cyber attacks, threats using multiple…


Mobile device management with Intune-Configuring compliance setting

Hope you remember the steps to integrate Intune with configmanager This is part 2 in the series. My intention is to make your device safe, secured and encrypted.  So what I have for you here is to set policies for your mobile device that has been enrolled. You wouldn’t want the device that has company…


Mobile device management with Intune and Configuration Manager 2012

This blog is all about integration between configmanager 2012 and Intune to manage and deploy application on mobile device. We have our setting, users and app saved at cloud in extremely secured way. We would definitely like to be trusted by our customer and partners in terms of cloud, Devices and Security handling. To achieve…


Red Hat client when ConfigManager 2012 SP1/R2 on HTTPS

Linux client installation is straight forward when the site is on HTTP, I have illustrated Linux client installation when the site is on HTTPS. Before you go for client install, Make sure you have PKI in place. Refer Create a Linux template by duplicating Workstation template. Make the private key exportable, also make the…


Restricting User to import Computer information and deploy OS to a collection

We have RBAC (Role based access control) in Configmanager2012 SP1 and it has a multiple purpose and can do miracles. Many a times we get a requirement on how to restrict a useronly to do a specific action in the console. In our case, we want a non adminuser to perform two operations 1)     Import computer…


Hardware Inventory & Software Deployment to Linux Servers in ConfigManager 2012 SP1

By now, you must be aware of client deployment in Linux machine. You can click here. Its time to have package deployment in Linux machine.  Before we go ahead with the SW deployment in a Linux machine, we should be aware of supported options i deployed the client,  but for some reason, i am unable to…


Setting up and Troubleshooting interop or Universal connector with HPOVO

In this blog, i have not just concentrated on resolving the issue but also to give you a fair idea on where to look if the issue occurs. Basically the locations of logs and some possible solutions of it.  For setting up the connector, check the link After we confirmed that our connector service and…


Create Unix log file unit monitor in SCOM 2007

We had number of questions for creating a log file monitor based on good and bad expression. What I meant by this is, I want to generate an alert if the entry ERROR is seen in the log and reset to healthy when SUCCESS is seen in the log. so we don't have to manually close it. …


SCOM 2007- How to create a Diagnostic task for Unix/Linux services

I have already shown on how you can create the recovery task for Unix services in my previous blog Here. And that was meant to run when the state changes from healthy to critical. But personally, i didn’t like that. So i feel its good to allow those services to be queries if its stopped or not, and only…