Case of the 30 second File Explorer

I have been having issues with my new Windows 10 gaming/research rig. I upgraded to a 4K TV for a monitor and was running Windows 8.1. This was working good, but I thought that there might be some better DPI scaling in Windows 10 so I decided to give it a try. I downloaded and…


KB929852 Disabling IPv6 Update

An issue was found in the way that KB929852 was directing users to disable IPv6 in Windows. If using the Fix-it from the article to disable IPv6 globally or if the manual steps were followed; the change could cause up to a 5 second delay in boot up time for Windows. The registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters\DisabledComponents…


ITPro Camp Tampa – Root Cause Slow Boot/Slow Login With WPT

Spoke about how to troubleshoot slow boot and slow logon situations at ITPro Camp Tampa on Saturday. Thank you to everyone that came out. Attached is the slide deck from the presentation. *Edit Updated the PowerPoint Root Cause Slow Boot.pptx


Upgrading SCVMM When TFS Lab Management is Connected

Fought with a good problem yesterday. After upgrading my System Center Virtual Machine Manager to 2012 R2; I could not change the SCVMM Settings in Team Foundation Server 2012 Lab Management to point to the new SCVMM server. I could add the library share, but not the host group. The error was very cryptic, but I could guess…


Tip 55: My Disk is a Cluster ****

My disk is a cluster size, of 4Kb. This is the default cluster size of an NTFS volume up to 16TB ( But is this the best size to use? There are many performance whitepapers that recommend that other cluster sizes should be used for best performance of the disk subsystem. For instance here is…


Hyper-V 2012 Compare-VM PowerShell Cmdlet Error

I wanted to get this information out as when I was researching the error below I could not find any information on it online or in our internal database. Hopefully it helps someone out there and they don’t have to have a night sleep to have their, eureka moment.   When running Compare-VM command against…


Tip 53: You set it up, but did you check it? Confirming Windows Network Load Balancing

This tip is will show how you can verify that Windows Network Load Balancing is working after configuring 2 or more servers to load balance. I will show this example in Windows 2008 R2, but any version of Windows NLB will be similar. I will use 2 servers, 1NLB2K8 and 2NLB2K8 as the hosts for…


Tip 47: One Windows System Stability Index Score to Rule Them All

This tip is for Windows Vista, 2008 Server RTM and up. Since I talked about Wbemtest.exe and Windows System Stability Index in the last posts I thought I would do something useful with the treasure trove of reliability information available through WMI. Usually the System Stability Index is shown in the Windows Reliability History by…


Tip 44: How Fast is That Download in the Window

This tip is for Windows Vista, 2008 RTM, 2008 R2 and 7. Your Internet Explorer download window may be lying to you. If so,how can you tell? Your Youtube video is taking forever to play, or is stopping.How fast is your connection? Sure, you can try one of the download speed tests,but do you really…


Tip 40: IIS Application Pool Tracking

This tip pertains to all versions of SharePoint and no versions of SharePoint. It is really more of an IIS troubleshooting tip. When strange things happen to IIS application pools I am reminded of the old public service announcement, “Do you know where your children are?” Well, do you know what your application pools are…