Running Windows Core: How-to view installed programs

Running Windows Core Series, view installed programs.

When running these commands or using them in scripts keep in mind that some may become deprecated in future versions of Windows. Best practice is to use the PowerShell commands when possible to future proof any script that use these commands. These commands were run on Windows Server 2012R2.

When running Windows Server 2012+ without a GUI note that the GUI can be reinstalled via PowerShell (Install-WindowsFeature) and a reboot.

From Windows Server core command prompt:


PS C:\>gwmi Win32_SoftwareFeature|Select ProductName,Caption,Version|FT *




If you know any other interesting ways of getting this information from a Windows Server core installation post below.

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  1. Andy Arismendi says:

    Is there no PowerShell cmdlet to do this in 2012 R2?? BTW it takes FOREVER. There used to be an issue with Win32_Product… It would not just list items but validate the installs which could be undesirable and took way longer than just listing installed

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