ITPro Camp Tampa – Root Cause Slow Boot/Slow Login With WPT

Spoke about how to troubleshoot slow boot and slow logon situations at ITPro Camp Tampa on Saturday. Thank you to everyone that came out. Attached is the slide deck from the presentation. *Edit Updated the PowerPoint Root Cause Slow Boot.pptx


Upgrading SCVMM When TFS Lab Management is Connected

Fought with a good problem yesterday. After upgrading my System Center Virtual Machine Manager to 2012 R2; I could not change the SCVMM Settings in Team Foundation Server 2012 Lab Management to point to the new SCVMM server. I could add the library share, but not the host group. The error was very cryptic, but I could guess…


First Contribution to the Script Repository

For anyone that hasn’t seen it, the Microsoft Script Repository,, is a great place to find all types of scripts, VBScript, JavaScript, PowerShell, etc. Today I uploaded a script that will work like a drive duplicator for Windows Image files(.wim). You can throw a bunch of USB drives in a computer and copy the same…


Tip 55: My Disk is a Cluster ****

My disk is a cluster size, of 4Kb. This is the default cluster size of an NTFS volume up to 16TB ( But is this the best size to use? There are many performance whitepapers that recommend that other cluster sizes should be used for best performance of the disk subsystem. For instance here is…


Hyper-V 2012 Compare-VM PowerShell Cmdlet Error

I wanted to get this information out as when I was researching the error below I could not find any information on it online or in our internal database. Hopefully it helps someone out there and they don’t have to have a night sleep to have their, eureka moment.   When running Compare-VM command against…