Hyper-V Management Pack Extensions RTM released


I am glad to announce the RTM release of the Hyper-V Management Pack Extensions for Hyper-V.  The main purpose of this custom Management Pack for Hyper-V is to extend the official Management Pack and provide performance monitoring. Note that this management pack is not supported by Microsoft but it was created with the help of several engineers to guarantee an accurated performance monitoring. I want to give and special thank to Diego Martinez Rellan and Kevin Holman who help me to develop most part of the MP.

Installation Requirements:


  • Live Migration failures monitoring
  • Per Logical Processor Monitoring
  • Per Virtual Processor Monitoring
  • Per VM Dynamic Memory Monitoring
  • Per VHD Monitoring
  • Per Physical and Logical Disk Monitoring
  • Hyper-V Virtual Networks monitoring
  • NUMA remote pages monitoring
  • SLAT enabled processor detection
  • Physical and Logical Disk monitoring
  • Host Available Memory monitoring
  • Stopped and Failed VMs monitoring

You can download the MP here:                                 


Tree summary view on SCOM 2007 R2:


Comments (2)

  1. Alvaro Santos Mendizabal says:

    Muchas gracias Cristian.

    Lo tendremos muy presente en la ya cercana implantación.

    Un saludo.

  2. Sy_sayed says:

    HI, after importing the MP , Im unable to see any data on perfomance folder, not sure if hyper-v rules are working properly to collect the data from the hyperv hosts. could you help me?


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