Hyper-V Networking Optimizations Part 1 of 6

I am still working on this series part. Sorry for the inconvenience. You still can find the script to analyze the Hyper-V Networking Optimizations here

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  1. Bartonian says:


    The link no longer works. Please link me 🙂

  2. Script link Fixed. Now you should be able to download the script to validate networking optimizations settings

  3. Anton Bulavin says:

    It's very good. Thanks.

    And when we see other parts?

  4. Great post! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  5. GUS says:

    Something happen to this blog post? There is only a link to a script.  What are the optimal settings for the network adapters that should display in the script results?  

  6. jens says:

    Where is the blog post about Chimney Offload?

  7. Stu says:

    Would really appreciate a post on recommended TCP Chimney offload settings. How do we decide whether to enable or disable? What would the symptoms be if TCP offload settings were causing problems?

  8. stp says:

    Why are people praising this article? I’ve been trying to find this elusive article for months and all I ever get is: "I am still working on this series part. Sorry for the inconvenience"

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