Hyper-V Integration Components version list table

  Would you want to know what version of Hyper-V are you running right now? This is a table to make a fast relationship between your current VMBUS.SYS version and the corresponding Hyper-V level. Remember to upgrade the ICs of your VMs after applying any of this updates to your hosts. HYPER-V IC VERSION vmbus.sys…


August Hyper-V Rollup Package (kb 2264080)

  Yesterday the Hyper-V Product Team announced a handy Hyper-V Rollup update which includes the fix for 3 issues. This update will help us to simplify our hosts maintenance tasks. On the same KB you will find individual references to each fix and the end of the article. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2264080 Cristian Edwards


Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

  As you already know, the product group announced the Dynamic Memory feature for Hyper-V with the SP1 release. Here you will find several links with information about how the new functionality works. Part 1: Dynamic Memory announcement. This blog announces the new Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V R2 SP1, including requirements. http://blogs.technet.com/virtualization/archive/2010/03/18/dynamic-memory-coming-to-hyper-v.aspx Part 2:…


Hyper-V Networking posts list

During my last 2 years working with Hyper-V I’ve done hundred of searches on the web looking for any kind of information about Networking, Storage, Clustering, server core…. Finally I’ve decided to compile my favorites on one place starting with the Hyper-V Networking section links. Hyper-V: MAC Address allocation and apparent network issues MAC collisions…


P2V with SCVMM & VS2005 to Hyper-V Slides

Hello again, Today I am starting to share with you some presentations that I’ve done during the last year for our Spanish customers. The presentations are in Spanish but feel free to contact me if you need a translated version. P2V with SCVMM presentation VS2005 to Hyper-V Migration


Live Migration fail and source node reboot on AMD processor servers

Recently i found several customers that are running Hyper-V R2 under AMD Family 10h processors and they experienced server reboots on the source host that start the migration. There isn’t any information on the event viewer or any dump cause the root cause is a hardware problem. This crash was reported by AMD and our…


Hyper-V R2 Best Practice Analyzer

At the end of April, the product team announced another tool to make our life easier when doing diagnostics for Hyper-V R2. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/977238 After the package installation you will find on Server Manager (Hyper-V Section) the BPA interface for Hyper-V. Good place to start before going to production or for troubleshooting