Try Atlas: It’s AJAX Improved!

I know you have heard the buzz around AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which allows an integrated, client-focused way of developing Web applications. The buzz stems from AJAX solutions to these issues:(a) You want to reduce the long waits for users stemming from the round trips between client and server when passing large quantities of…


Visual Studio Team System: Solving Critical Software Development Challenges

Cindy Anderson is a remarkable and talented Technical Specialist in the UK. In talking with Cindy, she is keenly aware of the problems faced by IT Managers. I asked Cindy for a roadmap and she shared her key thoughts on solving software development challenges. Take the time to explore the Visual Studio Team System link…


Don’t miss these Essential Architect Web Casts

I’m always on the lookout for those special gems that will give you key insights into architecting. The idea is to stay ahead, have practical solutions that you can use, and a roadmap for your future planning. So put these webcasts into your calendar and forward to your team members._______________ February 16: Architecting with…


Best Practices for the Encrypting File System

As Managers and IT Pros, I recommend you add to your reference base of “best practices,” for the Encrypting File System (EFS). And with mobile computing becoming more the norm than the exception it’s critical to employ these best practices on the hard drives. Here’s a good knowledge base article to add to your reference…


Interview: Bruce Schneier, Secure Computing Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, 2005 InfoWorld CTO of the Year

I met recently with an IT executive talking about the interview with Bruce and he responded, “Bruce Schneier’s seminal work Applied Cryptography, is required reading.” Moreover in talking with other IT Managers, they readily follow his work through Bruce’s newsletter, Crypto-Gram , which is the most widely read security newsletter, with more than 120,000 readers….


Where do I start with Agile—software development process?

I have known Peter Rawsthorne [M.Ed., B.Tech, MCSD, Project Lead / Systems Architect] for some time. And, you may have caught his presentations which have received wide acclaim. Peter has a lot to share with IT managers and pros and so I asked him to speak on Agile. From Peter:_____________Where do I start with Agile?…


Warning: Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) New Policies

Thomas is one of those rare individuals who contributes so much and in a multitude of ways. I had a chance to interview Thomas which was picked up worldwide due to his strong and extensive background. Moreover, his best selling books are must read for serious developers and architects. I asked him to share his…


Computing Canada’s Editorial Feature “Blogged Down”

There’s a new editorial feature, Blogged Down, in Computing Canada where editor Patricia MacInnis features an upcoming interview that appears here in the Canadian IT Managers forum (CIM). So we extend a welcome to Computing Canada’s 42,000 readers and invite you to make this forum a mainstay for ideas, collaboration, and discussion about all things…


Essential Considerations for IT Managers/Architects: Podcast with the World Expert in Software Architectures, Roger Sessions

In the podcast, Roger makes this prophetic statement: “Web Services will be both a boon and a bane for large enterprises. A boon, because it will enable workflow in ways unimaginable a few years ago. A bane, because it will result in the most expensive and spectacular IT failures in the history of our industry.”…