It’s More Than Just a Phone

One of the neat things about my job is that I’m often given cool technology to play with and review. A couple of weeks ago, I got an HTC 6800 from Bell Mobility to play with and so did my fellow WWITPRO executive member and Canadian IT Manager guest blogger, Don Spencer. Well, we decided…


Global MVP Summit 2008

There’s an extraordinary event happening in a matter of a few weeks. It’s the MVP Global Summit 2008 — a celebration about contribution, and value involving communities worldwide. The upcoming summit, April 14-17, will feature a keynote from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and closing by Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, in addition to hot-topic sessions,…


Deep Impact – AJAX

I-m in frequent conversations with top developers and experts. Recently, I was talking with Yong Tao Chen, MCDBA,, MCSE+I. He has worked for some of the largest companies in Canada and in the US as a senior consultant and brings an interesting perspective on the latest technologies or trends. I invited him to share…


Chats with "the" Internationally Renowned Pioneer in Computing

We Canadians have exceedingly rare national treasures that are the foundation of an entire worldwide industry, educational stream, and profession. Their contributions are so profound and their impact so diverse and in so many areas that the lasting value can not be comprehended. As befits this CIM blog, this time it’s in the computing field….


Podcast Interview with Venture Capitalist, Guy Kawasaki, Chairman and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures

I caught Guy’s keynote presentation at a forum for entrepreneurs seeking “Angel” funding (early stage seed capital). He kept me laughing throughout since he cuts through the hype and gives it to you straight—all the right things you should be doing if you want to get investment. You know the startups presenting [and seeking funding]…


Top 10 Attributes for an Effective Trainer: Top 10 Keys for Effective Training-Part 2/2

In a discussion I had with Thomas Moore, a top-tier developer, consultant, trainer and author, I asked him to share his 10 tips for trainers and for training. In part 1 of this two-part series, Thomas describes those attributes that have made him a well-respected trainer. Here are Thomas’s top 10 attributes for Effective Training:…


Looming IT Skills Shortage

I participated in a survey and two focus group sessions sponsored by the SHRC and CATA. My lasting impressions: there’s a “right” skills shortage now and insufficient numbers to meet our future demands around 2010. This is a serious situation since Canada lags in productivity and this is attributable to lower ICT penetration in businesses…


Microsoft Supports Plan for International Standard for IT Professionals

This news release went worldwide through the UNESCO Consultative body, the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). IFIP through all it’s affiliations represents some 93 countries and nearly 1 million IT leaders and influencers. CIPS is the official representative in Canada. This represents a historical inflection point in that for the first time in history…


The Value of Networking Through CIPS

 Adam Cole (Toronto, Director of Specialty Technology Solutions for McKesson Canada)   Recently I talked about the value of networking. Personally I do a lot of professional networking through CIPS (the association of the Canadian IT professional). For CIPS upcoming 50th anniversary I wrote some bullet points on what I have got out of networking within…


Project Management: Why Stupid Procedures Should Be Followed (Most of the Time) – Part 2/2

Earlier, I introduced DJ Dunkerley, a Business Analyst and Project Manager currently lending his expertise with Annex Consulting and working on a host of projects. DJ has a two-part blog about Project Management. Here’s part 2.________________Part Two of Two: The Secret List We draw on the pitcher to fill our glasses, and for some strange…