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With so much duplicate coverage in CANITPRO.NET plus added coverage in CANITPRO.NET, this is the last post here in IT Manager so look to go there for great content for IT executives and professionals.

You can find me with IDG-IT World: http://www.itworldcanada.com/author/sibaraki
I am actively writing for IDG-IT World hosted in Canada which has won the top Gold award for journalism 7 times. IDG is the world’s largest ICT media with an audience of ~300 million. Last month I received word from the IDG-IT World community manager that my blogs are usually at the top. I also have an opportunity with TechCrunch which I am contemplating subject to a very heavy schedule.

John Oxley, the Microsoft genius and disruptive innovating executive in all things, founded this blog in 2004 and I was invited in as a founder in 2005 to bring an external industry perspective when it was rebranded eventually as Canadian IT Manager Connection. I brought in CIPS as a partner in 2006 which continued until 2013. I have been writing for IT Manager since 2005. From 2005 to 2009, my posts were credited to the Microsoft managers on the blog and in 2009, I got the ability to post directly. Thus 617 blogs since 2009 though I estimate over 1000 since 2005. There are more than 300 interviews, each taking 70 hours of production from my own team that I resource and maintain. There is over 21,000 hours of donated time between interviews and writing. During my time here, we got in the top 10% of all TechNet blogs in the first year, subsequently a top 7 globally that was recognized at the Microsoft Global MVP Summit, and I got a top blogger rating from traditional media—who I am now writing for. Also concurrently I was asked by Microsoft to be the founding chairman (2007/8) of a global IT association (GITCA) where our team very successfully created a federated community of more than 1200 user groups and associations representing over 6 million professionals to provide them with free services and the ability to share best practices. Outside of GITCA working as a non-profit with volunteers only and free services, the estimated value now annually to Microsoft is more than 6 billion USD. What is noteworthy, is that this work was all done by volunteers which included creating regional boards in NA, SA, EMEA, and Asia. Microsoft offered the community members to join them directly in 2013 where Microsoft would deliver services directly. With GITCA’s role successfully completed, the GITCA web presence will disappear soon after 10 years of operation and providing free services to more than 100 countries all driven by volunteers!


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