MVP Top Tips–Power BI primer

“Power BI is new and emerging self-service business intelligence and business analytics framework brings together and enhances key Microsoft technologies:

  • Office
  • SQL Server
  • Azure
  • SharePoint”

“Fundamentally, Power BI is considered a premium Office option, because Microsoft licenses it that way.  Yet, the technology details also comprise new collaboration technologies for SQL Server, Azure and SharePoint.  A successful technology collaboration will have boundaries which could arguably belong to one or more of the contributing technology groups.

This document provides links and introductory information to Power BI.  My analysis is more useful for the enterprise planner (CIO, CTO, Information Technology Architect), but also is useful for individual consumers.  Power BI is a technology which extends from individual use on any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and all the way up to high-scale cloud or hybrid (cloud plus on premise) production architecture.”

Read the full article by SQL Server MVP Mark Tabladillo

Primer on Power BI (Business Intelligence)
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