Microsoft Research leading the world: Microsoft Adam, Bing Prediction Engine, Skype Universal Voice Translator

Deep learning systems, a form of artificial intelligence, are paving the way for rapid positive change in enterprises and Microsoft has taken the leadership position.

Microsoft Adam (also featured in this article) enables software to recognize objects using 30 times fewer machines, 50 times faster, twice the accuracy by training a neural (brain-like) network of 2 billion connections. The system is scalable. Practical applications are limitless since you can point your phone at objects and get in-depth information such as nutritional information on foods on your plate or in the woods on a hike, medical diagnosis of physical conditions—essentially background on any objects.

Bing’s prediction engine demonstrated its prowess recently by picking 15 winners out of 15 games in the final elimination rounds in the World Cup all of this voiced when asking Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of competing products.

Microsoft Skype Translator provides near real-time voice translation across languages providing the universal translator capabilities of science fiction but targeting to be released as a Windows beta app in late 2014. One fascinating fact is that as the system is trained on more languages, it gets better at prior learned languages and researchers are not sure why this happens.

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